Order NOW your special PARTY PACK ! … available to order & take-away or eat-in-store from our SZR shop cafe at the special price of 215.00 AED … choose your 2 Jumbo Pizzas from these 5 flavours : OF&C Special (V) – BBQ – Bolognese – Grilled Chicken – Margherita (V) … along with your 2 choices of juice flavours : Apple, Orange, Apple & Blackcurrant, Apple & Guava, Apple & Mango, Mixed Fruit, Apple Cherry & Blackcurrant …

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Microhydrin Antioxidant

Key Benefits: Powerful antioxidant protection* Energy and endurance* Recovery after exercise*


Why bees are disappearing

Some bees species have declined to 96% in the last 20 years. Bees are dying and it’s threatening our food supply. Watch, share this video and spread the message.