outdoor_rightI have always been in constant search of a good quality and organic coconut water because of the fantastic health benefits that comes with its great taste. I must have tried a dozen different types
of coconut water here in the UAE and was not able to find one which I can truly say that I like until I tried
the Sunblast Organic Raw Coconut Water.

I have been trying to maintain a better lifestyle which involves going for a bike ride in the evening after a day at work or a quick dip at the swimming pool. Since the summer started, I have been sweating more
than usual and feel very dehydrated after. According to experts, water is never enough to restore the electrolytes that we lose after sweating vigorously. Drinking coconut water is one of the best ways to keep our body hydrated and get essential nutrients for us to function at our best on a daily basis. But we should always keep in mind that not all coconut water can serve this purpose, and that’s why we should always select the one which is closest to its natural form. This is why I highly recommend Sunblast
Organic Raw Coconut Water. Aside from the fact that it tastes so good that it feels like drinking it right out of the coconut shell, it is definitely all natural. It has been processed within 48 hours, chilled at 4 degrees to maintain its freshness and it didn’t undergo any heat treatment of any sort,which enables all the nutrients and enzymes to live. Hence, the shelf life of each bottle is only 60 days.

Another interesting thing about Sunblast Organic Raw Coconut Water is its colour (which I found odd in the beginning), because it is pink! The science behind the pink pigmentation is that the beneficial phenolicantioxidant of the coconut water reacts with the enzymes of the coconut water to turn it pink. This only happens with RAW and FRESH coconut water. The more the antioxidants, the pinker it turns.

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