Allos Cherry Tomato Basil Spread (140g)

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Extra creamy stirred, smooth and irresistibly vegetable. This promises Allos auf Brot and thus guarantees a hearty, incomparable bread enjoyment. With a good portion of pioneering spirit, our specialists from the Allos recipe forge have developed a naturally delicious and particularly creamy spread. Nine delicious varieties are waiting for you: on the bread, as a dip or to refine pasta dishes and sauces.

Additional Details:

Vegetable spread with cherry tomatoes and basil –
on bread cherry tomato basil


Sunflower oil*, beetroot juice from beetroot juice concentrate*, sunflower seeds*, water, tomatoes* (8%), cherry tomatoes* (7%), tomato paste* (6%), lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate*, Onions*, basil* (5%), agave syrup*, sea salt, fruit vinegar*, tapioca starch*, paprika powder*, egg white powder from sunflower seeds*, garlic*, chilli powder*.