Altearah Bio Serum Royal Purple (15ml)

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✓ improve communications
✓ help resolve a problem
✓ improve mental clarity
✓ improve mood / diminish anger
✓ Can be used daily for calm and peacefulness

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One Oil, Two Uses and 14 Stages of Well-Being!

Altearah Bio Face&Body Oils, extremely smooth to the touch and leaving no oily residue, can be applied to the entire body to maintain skin moisture and tone. They enable the beneficial effects of the colour and well-being from the essential oils to be deeply felt throughtout the day. They are ideal for mainiting skin elasticity, nourishing it, repairing and softening it.

Clear your head, free your mind, and enjoy peace and quiet with the ultimate in stress relief. Let loose with Altearah Turquoise Eau de Parfum. Turquoise is the color for serenity, calm, and release. It is about communication, clarity, and peacefulness. It is about letting go physically and mentally. Turquoise dispenses a stress relief effect and offers relaxation, openness and escape. It is the colour of communication, clarity, sharing, tranquillity and beauty.


Essential Oils, Sweet Orange, Cedar, Bergamot, Eucalytus, Lavandin, Palmarosa, Lavender, Mint, Lemon, Geranium, Fragrances (Essential Oils)


To take care of your skin: use in the morning and night after showering to obtain soft, vibrant and shiny skin. Your body will feel cloaked in fragrant, soft silk. As they are not sticky, you can get dressed immediately after application. A genuine beautiful effect for the body. As a massage: use over the entire body by progressive impregnation for a gentle action. As a course: they can be combined with Eaux de Parfum or Serums for wider action on the body and mind. It is also possible to use them on dry and damaged hair.