Hipp Milk Porridge Fine Fruits (160g)

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4 months onwards

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45% follow-on milk* (whey product*, vegetable oils*, (palm oil*, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), skimmed milk powder*, corn flour*, vitamin c, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, vitamin e, niacin pantothenic acid, vitamin b1, vitamin a, potassium iodate, vitamin b6, vitamin b2, folic acid, copper sulphate, vitamin k, sodium selenate, vitamin d, biotin), wheat semolina*, whey product*, 13% fruits* (apple juice concentrate* low in acid,pear juice concentrate*, banana flakes*, peach flakes*), skimmed milk powder*, rice flour*, calcium carbonate, vitamin b1, vitamin a, vitamin d

*from organic production

Nutritional Facts

value per 100g – Energy – 1837kJ/436kcal, protein – 12.9g, carbohydrate – 67.2g, of which sugars – 40.3g, fat – 12.3g, of which saturated fat – 4.0g, linolenic acid (omega-3) – 0.24g, fibre – 2.5g, salt – 0.48g, sodium – 0.19g, potassium – 700mg, chloride – 250mg, calcium – 450mg, phosphorus – 345mg, magnesium – 65.0mg, iron – 3.0mg, zinc – 2.4mg, copper – 0.13 ug, iodine – 50.0 ug, selenium – 14 ug, vitamin a – 400ug, vitamin d – 6.5ug, vitamin e – 5.0mg, vitamin e – 5.0mg, vitamin c – 40mg, vitamin b1 – 0.70mg, vitamin b2 – 0.85mg, niacin – 1.8mg, vitamin b6 – 0.35mg, folic acid – 55.0ug, vitamin b12 – 1.3ug, pantothenic acid – 2.8mg, biotin – 13ug