Bohlsener Muhle Organic Spelled Oat Biscuits 125g

AED 15.00/Pack

125g per pack



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    The pleasure of pastries for every occasion Brand: Bohlsener Mühle A classic among organic biscuits! The full-grain flavor is made from wholemeal spelled and oat flour and baked with fresh butter.

    SPELLED whole wheat flour * 25%, BUTTER * 22%, beet sugar *, OAT whole-grain meal * 16%, HAZELNUTS * roasted and ground 13%, OAT whole grain flour * 9%, desiccated coconut *, tartar baking powder (acidifier: monopotassium tartrate, carbonate, sea salt starch, sea salt starch *) Cinnamon *, vanilla *. contains the following allergenic ingredients: gluten, milk, nuts * controlled organic cultivation This list of ingredients corresponds to a full declaration in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Association of Natural Food and Natural Goods.

    **Organic product