Calveley Mill Coloured Mild (200g)

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Mild Cheddar is typically sold at about 3 months of age; medium matured Cheddar at 5 to 6 months; mature Cheddar at around 9 months, Extra Mature at around 15 months and Vintage at 18 months or more.

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As Cheddar matures so its taste develops from the young creamy taste of mild Cheddar to complex, lasting, slightly nutty flavours of mature Cheddar and beyond.

This mild Cheddar is ideal for children or used in cooking when you want a light cheesy hint without dominating the main ingredient but want the colour associated with a stronger more mature cheese.


Cheddar Cheese (Milk, Salt, Starter Culture, Vegetarian Rennet, Annatto (E160b)


Keep refrigerated at or below 5ยฐc – Use within 3 days of opening.