Dr Hauschka Christmas Radiant Eye Care Set

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Eyes are the window to the soul. This Dr. Hauschka gift set highlights the strength and vitality of your eyes. What makes Dr. Hauschka make-up special is the combination of natural mineral pigments, valuable natural substances and medicinal plants that not only let your beauty shine through, but also care for your skin and lashes. This Dr. Hauschka Christmas gift set includes exclusive eyelash curlers.

A look can say more than a thousand words – and you decide what you want them to say. Mysterious, natural, expressive: Eyes that are always changing and always you. This exclusive set provides enchanting looks with an impact. The special Volume Mascara brush creates a thick lash line, coating and nourishing each individual hair. The Eye Make-up Remover gently and thoroughly cleanses the delicate skin around the eye. And to complete the effect, our exclusive Eyelash Curler creates a truly sweeping statement.

Content of the Radiant Eye Care Set

Eye Make-up Remover 18 ml
Volume Mascara black 8 ml
Eyelash curler