Eco cosmetics, Baby nappy cream, 50ml

AED 65.75

A mild nappy cream to prevent dryness, with olive oil and cconut oil.

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Your baby’s nappy area is a very fragile area. Organic plant and oil extracts are used for this very sensitive area: the combination of olive oil and coconut oil protect your baby’s skin against dryness. Has a gentle essential oil fragrance.

Characteristics : To guarantee exceptional results, Eco Cosmetics has selected only 100% natural ingredients, and uses no artificial molecules. The fragrances are also developed using only natural essential oils. New substances, such as pomegranate seed oil or olive tree leaf extract, are pure and effective, and show a high moisturising and softening power. The certification organism tolerates no pesticides, artificial fertilisers, weedkillers, GMO… Contains no dyes, no synthetic fragrances or preservatives, no animal ingredients. Not tested on animals, guaranteed GMO free. Eco Cosmetics’ entire range of products has received the label “Cosmetique Ecologique and Biologique”