Eliah Sahil Organic Bio Shampoo Rose Volume (100g)

AED 70.25

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The shampoo powder, thanks to its high-quality ingredients that boost volume and shine, effectively frees the hair of dirt and oils that weight it down. These include the likes of clay, amla and natural saponins. The formula is particularly gentle on the hair and the scalp adding shine and enhancing suppleness.


Solum Fullonum [1]Acacia Concinna Fruit Powder [2]sapindus mukorossi shell powder [2]Emblica Officinalis Fruit Powder [2]terminalia bellirica fruit powder [2]Terminalia Chebula Fruit Powder [2]Saponins [2]Hydrolyzed Soy Protein [2]Perfume (Fragrance) [1]Citronellol [3]Linalool [3]Geraniol [3]Citral [3]