Livegreen Capricci of Peas, Rice & Spirulina (250g)

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The Capricci of Peas, Rice and Spirulina are the first gluten-free pasta with legumes and Italian Spirulina.

The special recipe that combines rice and peas – naturally gluten-free – to the Italian Spirulina guarantees that pasta holds up to cooking.

They are ideal for:

a sporting meal, thanks to the high protein intake
a lunch break that does not weigh down
a special and innovative dinner


pea flour *, rice flour *, Spirulina * 1.5%.
* Organic ingredient.

Nutritional values in 100 g

energy (kcal / kJ) 332/1392; greases 4.6 g; of which saturated 0,05 g; carbohydrates, 57 g; of which sugars 2.9 g; fibre 23.1 g; proteins 22.2 g; salt 0.05 g.