Mogli Organic Spelt W/ Cacao Tiger Biscuits 125g

AED 10.68 AED 15.25/pack

125g per pack


Brand: MOGLI

SKU: 4260311980422

    Mogli's delicious Organic Spelt Tiger Biscuits with Cocoa are made with wholesome organic spelt and organic wheat flour, creamy organic butter and organic cocoa, and are lightly sweetened with organic agave syrup and free from cane sugar.

    Value per 25g Energy – 480kJ/114kcal Protein – 2.1g fat 3.8g saturated –2.0g carbohydrate -17.5g sugar 6 sodium – 0.01g salt 0.03 fiber 1.1g value per 100g Energy – 1920kJ/457kcal protein – 8.3g fat 15g saturated –8.1g carbohydrate -70 g sugar 24 sodium – 0.05g salt 0.12 fiber 4.2g

    Spelt flour* (28%), wheat flour*, agave syrup* (15%), butter* (13% – milk product), agave powder* (11%), cocoa* (3%), almond semolina*, baking agent: sodium bicarbonate

    **Organic product