Muso Sprinkling Chili (73g)

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✓ Made with salt, green nori flakes, dried yuzu citrus zest and toasted black and white sesame seeds
✓ Vegan
✓ USDA Organic

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Featuring a melody of sesame seeds, salt, green nori flakes and dried yuzu citrus zest, this seasoning adds a unique twist to any dish. Try adding it to meat, fish, rice, noodles, vegetables or even popcorn for authentic umami flavor your taste buds will enjoy.


Salt Cured Toasted Black Sesame Seeds (Black Sesame Seeds* and Sea Salt), Toasted White Sesame Seeds*, Ground Black Sesame Seeds*, Ground White Sesame Seeds*, Ground Chili Peppers*, Green Nori Flakes, and Sea Salt

*Organic Ingredient