Noberasco Organic Dried Apples 80g

AED 17.00/Pack

80g per pack

Origin: ITALY


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    Noberasco Organic Apples, exclusively of Italian origin, are a natural and healthy product. Apples are a refreshing fruit, depurative and detoxifying. Rich in fibre and potassium, containing no added sugars, Bio Apple is the ideal product for people who love tradition and prefer genuine flavours. Soft pieces of fruit, loved also by children, an excellent snack and a pleasant alternative to sweets.

    Value Nutrition per 28g Fat 0.3g saturated trans fat 0g Carbohydrate 27g fibre 3g sugars 21g Protein 0.3g Cholesterol 0.3mg sodium 35mg Potassium 181 mg Calcium 9mg Iron 0.3 mg Vitamin C 3mg Vitamin A 21mg

    Organic Dried Apples.

    **Organic product