Organic Larder Red Quinoa (340g)

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Organic red quinoa.

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Quinoa grains are very health and have a high content essential amino acids and minerals and protein. It is best when added to salads not only for it’s flavour and health purposes but also for it’s vibrant color.

Additional information

Weight 0.34 kg


Organic Whole Grain (Protein source)

Nutritional Facts

Value per 100g – energy – 1582kj, protein – 14g, carbohydrates – 69g, of which sugars – 7g, total fat – 6g, of which saturates – 0.7g, monounsaturated – 1.6g, polyunsaturated – 3.3g, dietary fibre – 7g, total sodium – 12mg

Nutrient information minerals – iron – 9mg, magnesium – 210mg, manganese – 2mg, phosphorus – 410mg, potassium – 740mg, zinc – 3.2mg