Zechsal Ssport Flakes (1.1kg)

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Pure magnesium flakes (1 kg) and OptiMSM (100 g) as an added dose. For quicker recovery after training and exercise! Enough for 8 foot spas or 2 baths. Used by top sportspersons such as long-distance ice skaters (including a world champion!), cyclists and top-flight footballers.

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What does Zechsallsport flakes do?

It relaxes the body, drains lactic acid from the muscles and aids recovery
Regular use ensures flexible muscles and strong bones
Prevents cramps

Zechsal has developed a unique product especially for athletes. The magnesium in Zechsallsport is pure and powerful. It comes straight from the purest source in earth and has a high degree of biological availability. OptiMSM is a source of organic sulphur from the USA, known as “the world’s purest MSM”. It encourages better magnesium absorption, curbs infections in your body and promotes the production of cartilage. It also keeps your joints in top shape!


Pure magnesium flakes: 47% magnesium chloride, crystal water.
OptiMSM: 99% methylfulfonylmethane

How should you use it

Use 2 to 3 times a week in a foot spa. You’ll need 125 g of magnesium flakes and 10 g of MSM in app. 4ℓ of warm water. Duration: 20 minutes. A bath is ideal after intense exercise: use 500 g of magnesium flakes and 50 g of MSM. Duration: 30 to 45 minutes.