Zechsall Sport Gel (100ml)

AED 105.00

Pure magnesium power, enriched with OptiMSM for quicker recovery after training and exercise! Zechsallsport gel is being used by top athletes, f.i. in cyclling, soccer (also in the Major League in the Netherlands) and in all-around athletics!

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What does Zechsallsport gel do?

It relaxes the body, drains lactic acid from the muscles and aids recovery

Daily use ensures flexible muscles and strong bones

First aid in case of cramps!

Zechsal has developed a unique formula especially for athletes. The magnesium in Zechsallsport is pure and powerful. It comes straight from the purest source in earth and has a high degree of biological availability.

OptiMSM is a source of organic sulphur from the USA, known as “the world’s purest MSM”.

How should you use it

Apply as much gel as you like to the affected muscles and joints after (or during) training. To treat injuries, repeat regularly throughout the day or use in a compress. In case of the latter, keep the area warm and allow at least 15 minutes for the gel to be absorbed. The gel also serves as first aid when faced with cramps. It works instantly!