Our family

Organic Foods and Café is a family run company that runs organic supermarkets and cafés selling fresh organic and biodynamic food, supplements, skincare, cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products. We have 7 shops in Dubai –Sheikh Zayed Road, Greens, Golden Mile, Midif and Galleria Mal AlBarsha– as well as a store in Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi.

We opened our first store in Satwa, Dubai in 2004. Organic Foods and Cafe currently supplies over 10,000 hormone and chemical free products direct from family run farms throughout the world.

We do not buy from the open market, nor from traders. We have a selection of handpicked farmers whom we have personally visited (and regularly pay a visit to) and who have the same values we do:

Thomas and Brigitte Eberharter produce the finest goats cheese for us; Sue from Wensleydale ensures we always get the freshest fruits; our friends at Saraaketha in Sri Lanka who have visited us countless times also help us have the best fruit and veg. We value our suppliers and their family values.

it all started when our love for food was at the highest

New Gluten Free Bakery 2016 No more will we have to wait for each Tuesday to get our limited gluten free selection of breads and bakes, as a new specialized bakery is being created to cater to an ever growing demand with a wider selection. Additionally, we will cater to Coeliacs by special request.

Organic Foods and Café is a family run company founded in 2004 that runs organic supermarkets and cafés selling fresh organic and biodynamic foods, groceries, supplements, meat, dairy products, breads and household cleaning products.

"We do not buy from the open market, nor from traders. We have a selection of handpicked farmers whom we have personally visited"

Family Values

Mission statement

If we work hard, then let it be for something that’s worthwhile and with family businesses that share our equal values for food, environment and our ethics.

We aim to provide our customers the best information and products to live a natural organic & biodynamic lifestyle and to enjoy our work and work together to improve the quality of our live, supporting those with the same beliefs!

Core Values

At OF&C we strive to get you as wide a selection as possible sourcing the best produce that is not only organic but also biodynamic. Purchasing from select family farmers who farm organically because they believe in it and so do we. We are conscious of air miles and our carbon footprint so a lot of our produce comes from Egypt, Uganda and India. Buy open field grown vegetables when possible and all fruits are grown in season.


Not just Organic … try Biodynamic

Why Organic?

Organic means growing our food, which is to nourish us, without chemical aids during the growing process such as fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, herbacides, larbicides etc and during the processing like colours, sweeteners, preservatives, colouring, stabilisers, emulsifiers.

Speciality produce

New range coming in on a weekly basis into our fruit & veg section, such as : Romanesco Cauliflower,Purple Artichoke,Parsnips,Wild Wonder Cherry Tomatoes,Keep posted and check in on the latest upcoming monthly additions.



The story began about 30 years ago when Nils´ mother got ill with cancer. She started to introduce organic and wholegrain foods to the family and the notion that food should not only be about money. About 17 years ago, Nils decided to establish the 1st organic shop in the UAE.


After his mother´s death, Nils himself fell inexplicably ill and having seen many doctors around the world who were unable to help him, the third homeopath, whom he visited discovered that Nils was being poisoned by the very food he ate. Additives in food were blocking his lymphatic system and causing a lot of trouble. Six months later he experienced the same conditions again and went back to see the homeopath who this time, asked him not to come back and waste her time if he did not clean up his diet.

Nils then set out to change his lifestyle and well-being through organic food. Since there was nothing organic available in the country, he decided to do it himself, with the aim of making a real difference by providing “healthy nutritious food the way it was meant to be”. As he so often says: “It´s NOT about money, it´s about nutrition”!

So here we are, 17 years later with 7 OFC stores in Dubai, 1 store in Abu Dhabi and the story has only just begun…

All the farms we work with are family run and we have become friends with them over the years! All for your health and that of the planet!