Organic standards

All our food is certified and produced according to strict organic standards. These standards cover all aspects of food production from the seed to the final product and also include animal welfare. At OF&C we try to get Biodynamic products so that the social and environmental aspects are also covered. But how do you know that the products you buy are truly organic and safe? Whenever you buy organic products, make sure you see the logo or the organic certifier on the pack.


OF&C is certified by Ecocert Germany according to EU standards. Every single year OF&C is audited by Ecocert to check that the standards and operating procedures are being met. They verify:

Ecocert has a list of all our suppliers, products and a database of items we are buying in bulk as well as ingredients down to every recipe we have in our café and bakery. Everything is therefore traceable. You can be sure that all our products are followed back to the source and with that comes product safety and security.

OF&C works with brands and farmers that are certified to the highest standards rather than just any standard.



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