Biogena Vitamin B12 Liquid, Vegan 25ml

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25ml per bottle



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    Biogena Vitamin B12 drops contain the three naturally occurring vitamin B12 compounds in one product: Methylcobalamin (M) Hydroxocobalamin (H) Adenosylcobalamin (A) With the pleasantly natrual fresh fruity taste of plums, apple and black currant, Biogena Vitamin B12 drops are a convincingly simple and tasty alternative for anyone who cannot or does not want to swallow capsules

    Recommended dose: Take ½ pipette (0.5 ml) daily outside of meals. Spread over the mouth with the tongue. Shake well before use

    Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin, hydroxycobalamin and 5'-deoxyadenosylcobalamin)Amount Per Serving:500 mcgDaily Value:20833% Other Ingredients: purified water, plum juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate, black currant juice concentrate, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate

    **Non organic product / Halal product