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    These Diapers are eco-friendly: free of perfumes, chlorine, plastic, and GMOs. Developed in Sweden, the diapers are made of natural and renewable materials and are naturally breathable to help prevent diaper rashes. Instead of a plastic leakage barrier, these diapers prevent leaks by using a film made out of corn. All of this combined minimizes nappy rash and other irritations.The founding principle was to introduce a high-performance diaper that is better for their baby and better for the environment. Renewable materials are used whenever possible thus Nature Babycare diapers offer the convenience of disposables with the most environmentally friendly attributes.✔ Only Certified Natural Material On Babys Skin. No Worries. ✔ Healthy Baby Healthy Planet ✔ OK Biobased ✔ Vincotte ✔ #1 Eco-Certified* ✔ Born in 1994 ✔ Mother Nature Says Thank You ✔ Top Rated Performance 0%: ✔ Dioxins ✔ Fragrance ✔ Phthalates ✔ VOCs ✔ Dyes / Colorants

    Based on biodegradable materials


    **Organic product / Halal product