HLH BioPharma Lactobact Junio Probiotic, 60g, Gluten Free

AED 183.75/Unit

60g per unit

Origin: UAE


SKU: 4046037312170

    Food supplement with select probiotic bacteria PROPERTIES: Contains six select probiotic bacterial cultures in a special, highly concentrated combination Contains pantothenic acid and folic acid Folic acid supports the immune system

    "2g powder contains: Bacterial cultures with a minimum 2 x 109 KBE 100µg folic acid (50% of the recommended daily allowance) 3,0mg pantothenic acid (50% of the recommended daily allowance)"

    Maltodextrin, magnesium citrate, 6 bacterial cultures, fructooligosaccharide, firming agent: calcium chloride; rice starch, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulphate, folic acid May 2017: We have improved the formula for Lactobact JUNIOR + and we now use a higher quality, purer form of rice starch. This gives the powder a slightly more yellow appearance than before.

    Gluten Free

    **Organic product / Halal product