Organic Larder Frozen Berry Mix 300g

AED 19.00/Pack

300g per pack

Origin: CHILE


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    A mixture of 4 types of berries like raspberries, wild blueberries, blackberries and strawberries combination of 25 percent for all makes the larder frozen fresh and unique to taste.

    Nutritional value per 100g: Energy 57kcal Total fat 0.36g Sodium 0mg Total carbohydrate 12.14g Dietary fiber 3.6g Sugars 7.14g Protein 0.71g Vitamin C 21.4mg Calcium 14mg Potassium k 29mg Iron 0.51mg

    25% Raspberries*, 25% Wild Blueberries*, 25% Blackberries*, 25% Strawberries* * organic

    Organic Larder

    **Organic product / Halal product