Organic Larder Frying Oil 3L

AED 104.00/Unit

3L per unit

Origin: ITALY


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    The Organic Larder Frying Oil is made made from the combination of High quality sunflower seed and seseme seed oils. The seeds used are purely organic. This oil has a great tolerance towards the high temperatures which makes it ideal for frying.

    Value per 100ml energy – 828kcal/3646kj total fat o/w – 92g saturates – 9g trans fat – 0g monounsaturated – 58g polyunsaturated – 26g cholesterol – 0mg sodium – 0mg total carbohydrates – 0g sugar – 0g added sugars- 0g protein – 0g

    Organic sunflower seed oil, deodorized. very resistant to the exposure of high temperatures. This product is particularly indicated for frying. May contain traces of soya, sesame & shelled fruit. Keep in a cool & dry place, away from light sources

    Organic Larder

    **Organic product / Halal product