Organic Larder Snackeroos Corn Puffs 15g,Gluten Free

AED 3.00 AED 5.50/Pack

15g per pack

Origin: ITALY


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    The Organic Larder Organic Snackeroos Kids Snack Corn Puffs 15g is a delicious and healthy snacking option for kids. This product is free from gluten and preservatives.

    Value per 100g: Energy 1795kJ/429kcal Protein 6.7g Carbohydrate 62.2g of which total sugar 0.6g total fat 16.3 of which saturated fat 1.6g dietary fiber 2.9g sodium 4mg vitamin B1 1.2mg

    corn flour oil of subnflower seeds sweet corn powder vitamin B 1

    Organic Larder,
    Gluten Free

    **Organic product / Halal product