Sonett Orange Organic Power Cleaner 500ml,Vegan

AED 21.00/Unit

500ml per unit



SKU: 4007547405547

    Suitable for all water-proof surfaces. Removes stubborn dirt and grease in kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, and repair shops. Application / Dosage: Used for vigorous cleaning and grease removal of exhaust hoods, stoves, cookers, sooty stove panes as well as metal surfaces in repair shops. Dosage: depending on the degree of soiling, use the product either undiluted or dilute it with water up to 1:10. For the cleaning of floors and windows: 5 ml / 10 l of water. Please use the attached measuring cap for dosage, measuring unit 5 ml.

    Sugar surfactant 5–15% Coconut oil alcohol sulfate 5–15% Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 5–15% Orange peel oil <2,5% Citrate <1% Natural essential oils of sweet orange*, bergamot*, citronella*, cajuput*, certified organically grown <1% Balsamic additives, certified organically grown/collection from wild-growing plants <1% Water, swirled up to 100%.


    **Organic product / Halal product