Trafo Hand Cooked Organic Potato Chips Salt & Vinegar 125g

AED 13.00/Pack

125g per pack


Brand: TRAFO

SKU: 8718754506090

    The salt & vinegar chips have a slightly sour and spicy taste. This product is available in a package of 40 grams and 125 grams.

    Nutritional Facts Amount Per Serving 100g Energy 2247 Kj / 537 kcal Total Fat 37 gram Saturated Fat 3,5 gram Carbohydrate 46 gram Sugar 2.5 gram Protein 5 gram Fiber 4 gram Salt 0.8 gram

    Potatoes*, Sunflower oil*, Dextrose*, Corn flour*, Salt, Malic acid, Broth powder* (salt, dextrose*, potato starch*, yeast extract*, sunflower oil*, leek powder*, onion powder*, turmeric*, thyme*, white pepper*, laurel*, nutmeg*, clove*), onion powder*, turmeric*, garlic powder*, coriander*, black pepper*, ginger*. *verified organically grown.

    **Organic product / Halal product