Tum Tum Tippy Up Cup w/ Straw Betsy Bear 200ml

AED 55.00/Unit

Origin: CHINA

Brand: TUM TUM

SKU: 5060307073546

    BPA Free. The Tum Tum Tippy Up Sippy Cup Series 3 with Weighted Straw is a practical and fun choice for helping your child transition from bottles or breastfeeding to independent drinking. Its innovative features like the weighted straw, valve-free design, and cute character make it a convenient and appealing option for parents and children alike. If milk comes up the straw, this will be due to a build up of vapour pressure, either from warm drinks or from changing temperature, e.g. fridge cold milk in a warm room. Release the pressure by twisting the lid to allow it to escape before flipping the lid.

    **Organic product / Halal product

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