Vahdam Organic Moringa Tulsi Green Tea 30g

AED 20.90/Pack

15 bags per pack

Origin: INDIA


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    Here's a pure earthly blend of two superfoods, Green Tea and Moringa. Experience a refreshing herbal cup, loaded with essential nutrients and delectable freshness. The lemon colour, medium-bodied liquor has an aroma comprising top notes of herbaceous Moringa. The cup starts with a fresh, vegetal and herbal note of Green Tea and Moringa. This vegetal flavour gets balanced by the fresh, citrusy notes of lemongrass. The liquor finishes on a delectable peppery note.

    Nutritional value per 2g: Energy 6.83Kcal Protein 0.25g Carbohydrates 1.46g Fat 0.06g

    Green Tea, moringa, lemongrass, black pepper & tulsi

    **Organic product / Halal product