Biogena Cleano Col Dietary Fibers For Constipation 30 Sticks

AED 315.00/Pack

30 sticks per pack



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    Dietary fibre from psyllium husks and linseeds for an essential sense of well-being. Linseeds support the peristaltic motion of the intestines and help to regulate bowel movements. Psyllium supports the digestive tract and helps to maintain normal digestive functions.

    Recommended dosage: Daily dissolve the content of one stick (7.5 g) into 1 glass of water (0.2 L) 30-50 minutes before a meal and drink immediately.

    Ground psyllium husks, Papaya fruit concentrate, Ground linseed, Marshmallow root extract, Magnesium citrate, Lactobacilli powder, Ground peppermint leaves, Liquorice root extract, Ground fennel seeds

    **Non organic product / Halal product