Drink Mate Bottle White Soda Maker 1L

AED 59.00/Unit

1L per unit

Origin: UAE


SKU: 762876656803

    This 1,000ml BPA-Free Drink Mate bottle is the same as the standard 1L bottle that comes with your Drink Mate Soda Maker. Stock up on bottles and store ready soda in the fridge! , Compatible with the Drink Mate Home Soda Maker, BPA Free, and food safe PET material, Carbonation preserving top cap, Removable bottom cap for easy cleaning, Stock up on bottles to save different drinks in the fridge, Identical to the bottle supplied with your Drink Mate home soda maker, Please note this is a 1,000ml bottle, but the maximum fill capacity is 850ml when used to carbonate drinks with the Drink Mate

    BPA free and food safe PET material

    **Non organic product