Grazie 3-ply toilet paper 4 rolls

AED 14.50/Pack

4 rolls per pack

Origin: ITALY


SKU: 8005892349338

    3-ply toilet paper made of 100% recycled cellulose Tetra pack packaging, roll length 26 meters, 270 sheets, embossed with roses. Grazie is an innovative line of products made of Fiber pack®, processed cellulose fibers present in all types of Tetra pack cardboard packaging, i.e. for drinks, milk, etc., preserving the natural color of the paper and its properties. Fiber pack® technology is an environmental and technological breakthrough in the reuse of cellulose fibers for the production of high-quality products with exceptional performance, from toilet paper to kitchen towels to handkerchiefs. This process not only protects against cutting down a large amount of forests, but also contributes to the reuse of wast

    toilet paper made of 100% recycled cellulose from Tetrapak packaging.

    **Organic product / Halal product