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    I am Superwater is alkaline water with an extra high pH value of 9.4. It is a natural alkaline water, which means that nothing is added artificially to increase the pH value (also called ‘ionizing’). I am Superwater comes from a European water source and it is bottled directly to preserve the smooth taste and keep the pH value high. Alkaline water detoxifies the body of all the acidic and processed foods we eat and helps to maintain the body’s natural pH level. Water with a high pH value is rich in minerals, antioxidants and sodium carbonate. In addition, alkaline water provides extra hydration, which especially helps during or after exercise.

    Nutritional values: pH 9.4, Dry residue at 180 °C 160 mg/l Calcium 2.8 mg/l Sodium 65.7 mg/l Potassium 0.32 mg/l Bicarbonates 158 mg/l Nitrates <1 mg/l

    **Organic product / Halal product