Koita Organic Chocolate Low Fat Milk 200ml

AED 5.90/Unit

200ml per unit

Origin: ITALY

Brand: KOITA

SKU: 869712000049

    The only thing better than an Italian car is Italian chocolate! Koita’s Organic Chocolate milk is a healthier option to regular chocolate milk, as it’s made with organic brown sugar and organic Italian cocoa. We’ve been told it takes you back to Europe, which means it tastes richer and more luxurious, it also means grown-ups can have it too!

    Nutirional value per 100ml: Energy 81 Total fat 2.1 g Saturated fat 1.4 g Trans Fat <0.01 g Cholesterol 6.5 mg Sodium 40 mg Carbohydrate 12.0 g Dietery fibers 0.8 g Sugars 11.0 g Protein 3.5 g Calcium 102 mg Vitamin A 60.0 µg Vitamin D3 0.88 µg

    Low fat organic cow milk (90%), Organic brown sugar, Organic Cocoa (3%), Chocolate natural flavor, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, 1.55% Milk fat, Min. 8.5% Non-fat solids.

    **Organic product / Halal product