Marnys Activated Charcoal Capsules 60 capsules ,Vegan

AED 52.80 AED 66.00/Unit

60 caps per unit

Origin: UAE


SKU: 8410885071958

    Activated charcoal helps adsorb and neutralize gases released from digestive tract also being safe deodorized and natural iternal cleanser. Marny's ensure advanced formula of charcoal in the oil form to obtain the maximum efficiency with the help of anise and mint.

    Soya Oil 315mg Activated Charcoal 145mg Essence of Anise 50mg Essence of mint 40mg Hidrogenated Soya Oil 25mg Beeswax 10mg Soya Lecithin 5mg.

    Soya Oil ,Activated Charcoal ,Essence of Anise,Essence of mint,Hidrogenated Soya Oil,Beeswax,Soya Lecithin.


    **Organic product