Natura Bio Organic Cocktail Sauce 160g

AED 22.90/Jar

160g per jar



SKU: 5425010320750

    Made from ingredients of natural origin, without preservatives, additives or colorings, this tasty sauce derived from mayonnaise is added with tomato puree which gives it this orange color. Ideal at aperitif time to dip your favorite vegetable dips (cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower, etc.) or to accompany your raw vegetables, seafood or shellfish.

    Values ​​for 100g Energy (KJ) 2692 kj Energy (Kcal) 654 kcal Protein (g) 1.3 g Carbohydrates (gr) 6.1 g Carbohydrates including sugars (g) 5.1 g Fat (g) 69.4 g Fats including saturated fats (g) 8.8 g Dietary fiber (g) 0 g Sel (g) 1.1 g

    Sunflower oil, ketchup (tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, spice and herb extract (contains celery), spices), egg yolk (free range), vinegar, double tomato paste, sugar, MUSTARD (vinegar, water, MUSTARD seeds (25%), salt, spices), whiskey, burnt sugar, flavoring, lemon juice concentrate, salt.

    **Organic product / Halal product