Organic India Tulsi Tummy 32.4g, Gluten Free

AED 28.00/Pack

32.4g per pack

Origin: UAE


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    Three sacred varieties of Tulsi: Vana, Krishna and Rama, which offer potent restorative powers, are blended with Ginger, Cinnamon and other calming digestive herbs to provide effective digestive support. This delicious and effective blend of healing herbs supports, soothes and settles the stomach and the digestive system. Tulsi – A Legacy of Good Health ✓ Reduces Stress ✓ Supports the Immune System ✓ Abundant in Antioxidants ✓ Builds Stamina ✓ Powerful Adaptogen ✓ Aids Digestion ✓ Anti Aging ✓ Balances Metabolism ✓ Balances Energy Levels ✓ Uplifts Mood

    Other ingredients: Natural mint flavour (0.25%)

    Gluten Free

    **Organic product