Organic Larder Benny's Cocoa Krisps Cereal 300g

AED 18.90/Unit

300g per unit

Origin: ITALY


SKU: 6291108227879

    Cocoa rice crispies no artificial colours and flavours.

    Nutritional value per 30g: Calories 113 Energy 113Kcal/ 481kj Fat 0.6g Saturated Fat 0.1g Trans Fat 0g Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1g Monounsaturated Fat 0.4g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 0.06g Carbohydrates 24g Dietary fiber 0.9g Sugars 6g of which added sugar 5.5g Protein 2.1g

    Rice flour, cane sugar, corn syrup, cocoa powder, fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, salt Organic ingredients May contain gluten, milk and nuts

    Organic Larder

    **Organic product / Halal product