Planet Organic Raw Protein Bar Almond Butter & Choco Chips (50g)

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A melt-in-the-mouth raw almond butter and chocolate chip protein bar, supplying 10g of complete plant-based protein from chia, brown rice & pea protein. Contains chia, a gluten-free super seed containing iron, fibre and Omega-3 and almond butter, a great source of vitamin E. The complete plant protein contains all 9 essential amino acids that your body needs, making our CHIAMP bars perfect as pre- or post- exercise fuel or as a healthy snack on the go.


Dates*, Almond Butter* (20%), Nectar*, Brown Rice Protein* (10%), Chocolate Chips* (10%) (Cocoa mass*, Coconut Sugar* (33%), Cocoa Butter*), Cashew Nuts*, Cacao Butter*, Pea Protein* (3%), Chia* (3%). *Certified organic ingredients.