Renew Life Gas Stop Enzymes Formula Vegetable 60 Capsules

AED 149.00/Bottle

60 capsules per bottle

Origin: UAE


SKU: 631257534897

    Specially formulated with digestive enzymes and fennel to help digest beans and other gas-forming foods, and help prevent occasional gas and bloating. Fennel seed helps soothe and relax the digestive tract, so you can feel better again. Gas Stop is made with an advanced blending process called SmartZyme to ensure that the enzymes are active over the broad range of pH levels found in your digestive system.

    Suggested Use: Take two(2) capsules before a meal containing problem food(s). Serving Size: 2 capsules Amount Per Serving: Proprietary Blend: 636mg: Fennel seed, Amylase (20,000 DU), Alpha-Galactosidase (1,000 GaIU), Cellulase (3,000 CU), Phytase (40 FTU), Protease (10,000 HUT), Lipase (200FIP), Invertase (500 SU)

    Fennel seed, Amylase, Alpha-Galactosidase, Cellulase, Phytase, Protease,Lipase ,Invertase. Other Ingredients: Capsule (hypromellose,water), organic rice, hulls, brown rice bran powder and maltodextrin. Contains: wheat and soy traces from fermentation media

    **Non organic product / Halal product