Sonett Bleach Complex & Stain Remover (900g)

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Suitable for removing stains and discolouration from white and colourfast fabrics. This complex can bleach whites and helps to brighten yellowed or greying fabrics.

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Made from 100% sodium percarbonate (created through the absorption of hydrogen peroxide by soda).

Heat activates the hydrogen peroxide to degrade, which breaks down into water, soda and active oxygen. The oxygen molecules work by breaking down and oxidising the stains. Particularly effective on ‘natural’ stains,such as grass, fruit etc.

Bleach complex contains no optical brighteners or synthetic bleaching agents.

Bleach complex will become active at 50 degrees, but when soaking overnight, will slowly release at 30 degrees. For optimal results use with the Sonett washing powder and water softener.

100% biodegradable.