Sonett Organic Floor Mopping Fluid 500ml

AED 41.40 AED 51.75/Unit

500ml per unit



SKU: 4007547309449

    t protects waxed, oiled and varnished floors with a natural wax film and without building up layers. It is suitable for tiles, stone, wood, cork, parquet flooring, laminate, linoleum and synthetic flooring. Application / Dosage: Add 5 ml of Floor Mopping Fluid to 5 litres of warm water using the attached measuring cup for dosage. Attention: The Floor Mopping Fluid should not be used undiluted. Shake well before use. It may darken untreated wood, please test on a suitable spot before use. Floors primed with hard oil or wax, have to be professionally re-oiled or waxed in regular intervals.

    Vegetable alcohol 5–15% Beeswax non Iconic Sugar surfactants 5–15% carnauba wax 1–5% Esstienial cajuput oil contains linalool&limonene <1% Balsamic additives Water, swirled up to 100%.

    **Organic product / Halal product