Sonett Organic Hand Disinfection 300ml, Vegan

AED 27.60 AED 34.50/Unit

300ml per unit



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    Ready-to-use alcoholic solution, suitable for the hygienic disinfection of your hands. Effective against bacteria, fungi, enveloped viruses including influenza viruses and noroviruses. Application / Dosage: Press down dispenser twice to obtain 3 ml of hand disinfectant and rub into your hands for approx. 1 minute. Once this time is elapsed, all vegetative germs of bacteria, such as Salmonella or coli, fungi and influenza viruses will have been destroyed. Use Sonett Hand Disinfectant safely. Always read labelling and product information prior to its use.

    70% vegetable alcohol (ethanol) * from bio-wheat, <1% vegetable glycerin *, natural bergamot essential oil (contains limonene * and linalool *), potassium citrate, water up to 100%


    **Organic product / Halal product