Sonnentor Organic Ginger Energy Spice Tea 100g

AED 21.50/Pack

100g per pack



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    Accompanied by a cup of fragrant ginger energy tea, one soon reaches a toasty-warm feeling. However, the tea isn't just meant to be drunk in the winter! The the spicy, slightly sharp taste of ginger is very refreshing drunk cold with some mint or lemon in the summer. Drink for a little pick me up during your day any time of the year. The scent offers a fresh lemony note combined with intense spicy Christmas hues. The taste is delicately sweet at the beginning, then opens up to an intensely spicy flavor that becomes more powerful with each sip.

    ginger 30%, cinnamon ceylon 12%, fennel, cinnamon ceylon 12%, fennel, coriander, orange peels, galangal, liquorice, anise, cardamom, nutmeg, rosemary

    **Organic product