The Botanist Laundry Booster 680g

AED 70.00/Unit

680g per unit

Origin: UAE


SKU: 6297000914312

    From our home to yours, a natural laundry booster powder that's safe, gentle and effective. Whiten and brighten your white and light colored laundry and remove odours naturally with our non-toxic formula that's safe for the environment and gentle on your skin. Use together with our natural Laundry Liquid by adding 1-2 scoops of powder (depending on load size) directly into your washing machine drum before running the load as normal for your white or bright laundry. Use it to help remove and set stains or odours by adding two scoops of powder to a tub and soaking in fabrics before running a normal load.

    Sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, citric acid, sodium chloride, organic lemongrass essential oil, organic wintergreen essential oil, lavandin super essential oil

    **Non organic product / Halal product