Yogi Tea Organic Green Balance Tea 30.6g, Vegan

AED 24.40/Pack

17bags per pack


Brand: YOGI

SKU: 4012824401914

    To create harmony, you need inspiration. This tea can help you find it: here, the wisdom of Asian traditions in the form of green tea and kombucha meet refreshing lemongrass, peppermint and elderflower blossom. The aromas are in balance. A fantastic tea for taking on challenges – or to simply enjoy while relaxing. The tea for everyone who places their faith in time.

    Green tea* (67%), elderflower* (10%), lemon grass* (8%), peppermint* (5%), dried Kombucha-drink* (fermented tea), lemon verbena*, blood orange oil*, vanilla beans*, vanilla extract*, natural strawberry and peach flavour, natural banana, passionfruit and sour cherry extract.


    **Organic product / Halal product