Yogi Tea Organic Rose Tea 34g, Vegan

AED 24.40/Pack

17bags per pack

Origin: ITALY

Brand: YOGI

SKU: 4012824402461

    The rose is filled with symbolism. It characterizes the most beautiful words in the world, it seduces – but it doesn’t deceive: its charming fragrance is in no way inferior to its beautiful appearance. In combination with hibiscus and lavender blossom, the rose proves that its flavour also conquers hearts with this tea. The first drop on your lips is like a loving compliment. You won’t need any encouragement to feel the butterflies in your tummy.

    Hibiscus*, chamomile flowers*, elderflower*, linden flowers*, rose petals*, cinnamon*, lavender flowers*, yarrow*, ginger*, black pepper*, fennel*, turmeric root*, geranium oil*, sunflower petals*, alfalfa*, buckhorn*, cardamom*, cloves*, dried Kombucha drink*


    **Organic product / Halal product