Mogli Organic Strawberry Stripes w/ Chia 25g

AED 14.50/Pack

25g per pack


Brand: MOGLI

SKU: 4260311982266

    MOGLi Organic Strawberry Stripes with Chia is made from 98% biodynamic fruit and 2% chia seeds. Finely puréed strawberries and apples are dried and cut into strips – it's as simple as that because Mogli believes that the fewer the ingredients, the more you can taste the full flavor of the fruit. A real treat for children and grown-ups, these stripes let you enjoy the deliciousness and goodness of fruit anytime, anywhere.

    apple* 79 %, strawberry* 19 %, chia seeds** 2 %*from biodynamic farming

    **Organic product / Halal product