Amy`s Organic Lentil Soup 411g, Gluten Free, Vegan

AED 17.00/Can

411g per can

Origin: USA

Brand: AMY'S

SKU: 042272005024

    Amys Organic Soups Lentil. Made with highest quality ingredients. Contains no genetically engineered ingredients, preservatives. Certified vegan and USDA organic product is free from gluten.

    Energy 180 Total Fat 5g Saturated Fat 1g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 590mg Carbohydrates 6g Dietary Fiber 6g Sugars 3g Protein 8g Daily Percent Of Vitamin A 4 Daily Percent Of Vitamin C 2 Daily Percent Of Calcium 2 Daily Percent Of Iron 15

    Filtered water, organic lentils, organic celery, organic carrots, organic onions, organic potatoes, organic extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, spices.

    Gluten Free,

    **Organic product / Halal product