Andechser Organic Kefir Mild 1.5% (500g)

AED 30.50/Bottle

500g per bottle



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    Known as the “drink of the centenarians”, ANDECHSER NATURs orgaNoc kefir is the perfect compaNoon for modern nutrition. The refreshing thirst quencher contains all the valuable ingredients of milk, important vitamins and minerals with only 1.5% fat. During the careful long-term maturation with special cultures, the orgaNoc kefir gets its characteristic, slightly aromatic taste. Available in the practical, resealable 500g bottle. New: Traceability of the purchased ANDECHSER NATUR orgaNoc kefir back to the farm.

    Energy kJ / kcal: 178 kJ / 42 kcal Fat: 1.5G hereof: saturated fatty acids: 1G Carbohydrates: 3.8G of which sugars: 3.8G Protein: 3.4G Salt: 0.13G

    contains the following allergeNoc ingredients: milk

    **Organic product